Ladies doubles friendly matches

We organised a few sessions last year, but as the season wore on, interest from other clubs waned, so this year our effort will concentrate on the "Tennis and Tea" afternoons - see that link for further information.

The first event was held at Bishopthorpe Tennis Club on Saturday 18 April 

You can tell from the photos that the weather was good to us!  It was good
to welcome players from 5 clubs plus Bishopthorpe and huge thanks to
Kathryn for organising the round robin tournament for 16 !

We weren't supposed to be competitive but the winners were 

Helen Ruxton (Bishopthorpe) and Tessa Grieves (York).


The second event was held at Bishopthorpe Tennis Club on Saturday 16th May

Wetherby, York and Bishopthorpe ladies enjoyed a blustery afternoon's
tennis.  Winners of the friendly were Lorna (York) and Marion (Bishopthorpe).