Ladies Doubles - Saturday 7th October

Congratulations to Emma and Andrene on winning the ladies doubles. It was a cold, cloudy and windy morning but 12 ladies took to the courts, playing 6 games against 5 other pairs. The two couples with most points played a final - first to four games. In more hard fought games, Emma and Andrene triumphed over Krysia and Sarah. Well played all, and thanks to Laura and Ellie for organising.


Mens Doubles - Sunday 17th September

Partners were swapped throughout this event, and the players with the top four scores played in the final, spinning a raquet to decide partners. Congratualtions to Sam Watson and Alan Wilkinson for coming out victors in this event, triumphing over Tim Crawshaw and Gary Cashmore in the final. Thanks to Ellie for organising it on the day.

Mens Singles - Sunday 10th September

Ten players took to the courts like gladiators! Rob Williams was triumphant over James Parker in the final.


Floss Slack Cup - Saturday 2nd September

On a lovely morning, 16 players competed for the Floss Slack cup. We played 6 rounds, swapping partners as we went and having fun in the sun, playing some pretty sparkling tennis. At the end of all that, 4 players ended up with 24 games - Julia, Georgina, Sam W and Gary! So, a tie-break was played to decide the winners, tossing a coin for partners. Gary and Julia got off to a fast start, and won the tie-break 7-4. Congratulations to them, and thanks to Sam W for organising this very enjoyable event.


Fukaya cup - Saturday 19th August

Congratulations to Tim Brown and Ellie Page who won the final of this tournament, triumphing over Julia Sykes and Sam Watson. Well played to all who took part and thanks to Laura for organising.


Junior singles tournament - Saturday 22nd July

Thanks to David Moore for organising singles tournaments for several age groups. The results are:

Junior/Senior tournament - 26th May

The weather was fantastic for the annual junior/senior tournament, organised once again by David Moore. Six couples took part, and the triumphant pair at the end of the evening were Sarah Mawby and Patrick Mackle, with Laura Rhodes and Matthew Clayton runners up. Thanks for organising David, and for presenting the trophy Andrene!

Spring cup - 1st May

Six couples took to the court for the Spring Cup and there was some very good tennis, with plenty of close matches. After a couple of hours of play, the 2 couples coming out on top were Carmem and Tim B. and Krysia and Ellie. They contested a short set for the final - with Krysia and Ellie coming out on top 4-2. Congratulations to all, but especially our winners. And many thanks to Alan for organising us all.

Annual presentation and social event - Saturday 28th January 2017

The first main club event of the year was really a celebration of last year's achievements and excitement for the season to come.

Fifty club members and family came together in the Village Hall to eat, drink and be merry, and a fun night was had by all!

The hall was decorated in colours befitting Wimbledon, and old tennis balls had been craftily utilised to be table decorations by

Katie Lewis:

To start with, there was a very generous and tasty  buffet, accompanied by some lively music provided by Jane and her fellow jazz band players. This was followed by a quiz devised by Alan. Round 1 tested our memory of last year, round 2 our tennis knowledge, round 3 had answers involving names of the trophy winners and round 4 was a killer "name that tune" round - fine if you knew your music from the 90s!

Jo, assisted by the ever glamorous Sam, then presented the trophies and the evening was rounded off by some dancing, or at least movement on the dance floor!

All in all, everyone seemed to enjoy the evening and want it repeated in the same format next year.

A MASSIVE thanks to Jo for her inspiration and organisation, and to all others who helped along the way. And even quiz master Alan got on the dance floor (despite saying he'd rather set the quiz than dance) ... see last photo!