Club events 2016

Ladies Doubles - Saturday 17th September

The weather forecast was a little gloomy but
the morning was much better and the tennis was sparkling! Seven pairs of ladies
took to the courts and played some classy rallies.

Three couples ended up on 7
points and two of those pairs (Carmem & Lee, and Krysia & Georgina)
were tied on 19 points, but the other pair had 21 games. Congratulations to Sue and Sarah!

And a big THANK YOU to Kathryn
for organising the event (and sacrificing playing).

Floss Slack - Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th September!

Well, there may have been only eight of us, but we were definitely
committed! We were rained off part-way through the tournament on
Saturday morning so all agreed to reconvene at 5.30pm on Sunday to
finish what we had started. It was finally all over shortly before
7.30pm after a fantastic final set between Carmem & Sam vs Sarah
& Paul which went all the way to a tie break with Sarah & Paul
taking it at 7-4. Really great rallies and shots from all four players.
The third place was tied between Andrene & John and Jackie &
Kathryn. (Basically because we were too tired to bother with a play-off
so simply sat and watched the other two couples battle it out!)

Fukaya - Saturday 20th August

Men's singles - Sunday 14th August